FITREHAB - Fitness and rehabilitation at home under expert planning

The FITREHAB project aimed at integrating and field testing a new and innovative virtual reality based rehabilitation and training platform. This allows patients and medical discharged people to perform physical exercise at home under remote expert planning and monitoring.

Main objectives

  • perform a field test of a rehabilitation and training platform
  • to asses the clinical efficacy of a rehabilitation and training platform
  • to deploy a procedure within the existing infrastructure of hospitals
  • to asses the benefits of a rehabilitation and training platform for the national health systems in terms of costs and performance


The rehabilitation and training platform shpuld consist of two integrated stations. One station should be used at hospitals by the medical staff to schedule a customized program of exercises. The other station should be used by the patient at home to do fitness with a virtual environment as a trainer. The movements of the patient are tracked by several sensors attached to a smart shirt. An avatar mimics the movements of the patient in the virtual environment. Biological sensors monitor heart rate, temperature and breathing effort. This information is sent back to the station in the hospital to be reviewed by the medical staff. If needed they can adapt the scheduled programme.

Lead participant

  • University of Milan (Department of Computer Science – Laboratory of Applied Intelligent Systems AIS Lab) - Lombardy (I)


  • Private Foundation Barcelona Digital Technology Centre - Catalonia (E)
  • Foundation of De Wever - North Brabant (NL)
  • Private Foundation CETEMMSA - Catalonia (E)
  • Viljandi Hospital Foundation - Tartu (EST)
  • ASL of Brescia Province - Lombardy (I)
  • Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences Research (Ltd) - Upper Austria (A)


  • Ab.Acus srl - Lombardy (I)


The most relevant result of Fitrehab is the realization of a prototype of an architecture that can support rehabilitation at home. The most important components designed and realized inside FITREHAB are: a sensorized shirt able to track patient's movement. A Patient Station that guides the patient in the rehabilitation through adequate video-games. A Hospital Station to program the rehabilitation sessions and visualize the results.