PICKFIBER - Platform for international collaborative knowledge on food improvement

PICKFIBER was an international platform of experts on the development, testing and data managing of novel food components based on ecological/organic fibers with specific properties to fight obesity and associated conditions.

Main objective

To produce a reference scientific handbook for the scientific advisors of the European Safety Food Authority and innovative agro-food companies.


The expert platform should consist of protocols for the evaluation of ecological/organic sources for food components with high hydration, satiety and signalling properties. It also consists of a guideline of laboratory and clinical protocols for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in health-related properties of foods containing fibers from ecological/biological products. The guideline wshould establish the appropriate in-vitro and in-vivo assays to scientifically validate the effects on health of possible bioactive component candidates. Within the GCP a pilot-testing environment with obese patients should be created to serve research institutes and companies in getting better claims for the products. Last but not least an e-knowledge base, stucturing and managing data from different sources with the purpose of supporting the analysis and quantification of the effects of health food(ingredients) on the subject state. The expert platform should also disseminate the outcomes and make them available to local food companies, food producers and laboratories.


  • University of Lleida (Nutren-Nutrigenomics) – Catalonia (ES)


  • Estonian University of Life Sciences – Tartu (EST) 
  • Brabant Development Agency (BOM) – North Brabant (NL) 
  • Institute of Molecular Bioimaging and Physiology – CNR – Lombardy
  • Institute for Construction Technologies – Lombardy (I)
  • Politecnico di Milano (department of bioengineering) – Lombardy (I)
  • La Selva County - Catalonia (ES)
  • University of South Bohemia (Institute of Physical Biology) – South West Bohemia (CZ)


  •  DS Medica s.r.l. – Lombardy (I)


Treatment of obesity is mostly focused on reducing food intake which can be achieved by high-fiber content diets as to lengthen satiation sensation. PICKFIBER published a handbook on differences between organic and conventional food, industrial standards of fiber extraction and tips for healthier food design. Companies involved tested apple-fiber effects on volunteers in a Living Lab for the co-creation of new services and products. A pilot e-knowledge data base for physiological data management was described.


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