ROBO M.D. - Home care robot for monitoring and detection of critical situations

ROBO M.D. is a home care robot which monitors and detects critical situations which need prompt medical attention for eldery people or people with cardiovascular diseases.

Main objectives

  • To increase patients’ services via wireless ICT technology
  • To offer a service tool to beneficiaries
  • To help to decrease the cost of regional home care systems


The participants should investigate by interaction with its targeted benificiaries, the best results of remote care for patients and public and private organizations and operators. ROBO M.D. favours the exchange of experience, putting together groups with different expertise e.g. combining specialists in physiological modelling, medical and clinical expertise, human pattern recognition, statistical data analysis and prototype building.


  • Johannes Kepler University (Institute for design and control of mechatronical systems) – Upper Austria (A)


  • Institute of Electronic, Information and Communication Technologies (IEIIT) Milano Branch (MI) – Lombardy (I) 
  • Fontys University of Applied Sciences – North Brabant (NL)
  • University of South Bohemia CB (Pedagogical faculty, department of Physics) – South West Bohemia (CZ)
  • University of Tartu (Bioinformatics, Algorithmics and Data Mining Group, department of Computer Sciences) - Tartu (EST)


A prototype robot has been built with the following functions:

a)     Real time fall detection

b)     Real time QRS beat detection

c)     robot interacts with the user by asking yes and no questions

d)     robot was mounted on a wheeled platform to increase speed

e)     robot can be remotely tele-operated by a care-provider to drive and control the robot and to remotely see and communicate with the patient

Measured data are stored at a personal computer and can be used for further investigations. Daily questioning has been designed an communication between robot and patient has been established.