ROBO M.D. Achievements in the first reporting period

19 July 2010

A first pre-study on possible cases to detect with the system was made.

Some cases that could be detected in theory with appropriate sensors are

  • Heart attack
  • Dyspnoea
  • Apnoea
  • Stroke
  • Fall detection

To realize the detection of the different cases, it is first of all necessary to measure vital signs of the subject. These signals allow having an indication on the current state, and with the use of mathematical models of the underlying physiology, the system could detect abnormal behaviour of the subject.

Relevant sensors are


  • Respiration sensor
  • ECG
  • Acceleration sensor
  • Skin temperature sensor
  • Skin conductance sensor
  • Blood pressure sensor

The focus of the project is to have a prototype detection system that can be used at home, so it is important to use non-invasive, well established and easy to use vital signs sensors. Additionally environmental sensors and sound / vision sensors give supplementary information to the system.

Finally, the whole ROBO M.D. team is motivated to go on with the interesting tasks as it can be seen in the picture of our Kick off meeting on March 21st to 22nd in Linz, Austria.