TIAM meeting in Milano Italy

15 April 2011

Mr. Enrique Alvarez-Casado from UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya) had an important meeting with Prof. Enrico Occhipinti and Prof. Natale Battevi from CEMOC and Research Unit EPM Foundation Policlinico Ca' Granda in Milano 6th of April, 2011.

In this meeting, the participants discussed the expected results from the TIAM subproject.

First of all, the recommendation letter which is related to regional policy in work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD) prevention will be sent out to the regional authorities in local languages.

Secondly, our partner from Upper Austria will provide the Good practice database of prevention WMSD in real work place which will be uploaded to the website of TIAM.

Thirdly, feedback of adapting of the software tools to different regions which had been provided and recommended by TIAM will be studied and be used to refine the Toolkits from WMSD prevention.

Furthermore, Prof. Natale Battevi had finished the final technique review of all the tools in WMSD prevention. And this review will be uploaded to the TIAM website in July 2011.

Additionally, the participants also decided that the final meeting of TIAM will take place in early Sept. 2011 in Barcelona.