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The emails between german RKI and BMI “Science as an extended arm of politics” have finally been leaked. Download, save and distribute!

The 200 pages of email communications surrounding the creation of the German scare paper have been leaked: revealing how @BMI_Bund used dystopian computer model flaws to scare the public in March 2020.



Honestly: as if this would get the media attention it deserves… and as if it changes anything!

The entire e-mail course is full of spelling mistakes.
I see the New Normal and “the great reset” are in good hands.

The WELTAMSONNTAG had since February the correspondence of the BMI_Bund
between Horst Seehofer, Markus Kerber and the authors of the panic paper.

HÄRTING Rechtsanwälte have obtained disclosure of the correspondence surrounding the “secret paper” which originated in the Federal Ministry of the Interior in March 2020. They were commissioned to assert claims under the Freedom of Information Act (IFG). Only after Niko Härting had called in the Berlin Administrative Court did the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) release the information – which had been blacked out in large passages.

This document is of public interest and has therefore now been published.

The final nail in the coffin for the Covid narrative? The leak proves it: The China model was the inspiration for the scare paper.

It’s like witnessing the uncovering of the Vietnam Papers or the Watergate scandal – only this time the masses don’t care.


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