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The emails between german RKI and BMI “Science as an extended arm of politics” have finally been leaked. Download, save and distribute!

The 200 pages of email communications surrounding the creation of the German scare paper have been leaked: revealing how @BMI_Bund used dystopian computer model flaws to scare the public in March 2020.



Honestly: as if this would get the media attention it deserves… and as if it changes anything!

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Do not buy foldable phones, the foldable screens are not ready for every day use.

The new 2nd generation of foldable devices is hitting the stores, so i want to warn people not to buy them. Why not? Well here is the is the short explanation: And if you think the new “thin glass foldable” screens are better, than watch jerryrigeverything on youtube, testing the Galaxy Z Flip with […]

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Cooperation and exchanging experiences

Innovation 4 Welfare has brung together policymakers, knowledge providers, economic and social intermediaries and health institutions, implementing projects and policies across six regions. These stakeholders shared, exchanged, transfered and implemented good practices and have made efforts to renew the regional policy agenda’s. By means of interregional cooperation, Innovation 4 Welfare has built new coalitions of economic and social actors. In that way I4W became a European generator for new solutions promoting health and welfare.

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Across Europe, economic and demographic developments pose new challenges in health related issues: a general tendency to prioritise on health and safety, the strong increase in welfare-related diseases and the increased need for (home) care for the ageing population are causing health care costs to increase rapidly, Innovative solutions are necessary to meet these challenges and to avoid health care becoming unaffordable.

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